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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And I Got a Book Out of it

john ridge, md is impossibly tall, remarkably lean and habitually brisk. today he takes his time, tells a personal anecdote, makes a self-deprecating remark. he commiserates with me about my cold and fever, asks a few diagno-questions. he moves quickly though through the worst parts of the exam, the parts that make you gag, the part with the tube snaked down your nose. (there's a snake in my nose, there's a snake in my nose!)
he says it's not cancer. he talks about the new normal for post-radiation days. he says he'll see me in a year.
i still have a stopped-up this and a runny that, but frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. i stopped at home depot, bought some beautiful oak plywood, cut it to a diagram and now it's time to put up shelves, sculpt a few dryads and then settle in with a book and some music.
maybe i'll bake a loaf of bread, maybe i'll just sautee some spinach.
Radiation Days (the book) is supposed to be out July 1st. The version should be available around the same time. When the audio is out, I'll have to tell you about what it felt like to read the whole thing over-aloud-in the course of a week. 

Oh. Did I mention that you can pre-order the book at:

I did? Ah well, I'm repeating myself.

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  1. Hi, Lynn. Congrats on the good medical news and the book! I've ordered it. Way to go. My mom used to say "nothing's a total loss if you can get a poem out of it." She'd be impressed with Radiation Days.