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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Radiation Redux

It just occurred to me that radiation isn't just what they aim at us cancer patients. It also means the process by which energy is emitted, the dance we do that spreads out into the world, the ripples on the surface from our oars in the bay.
Now it turns out that even though my cancer is gone for now, my every desire is to emit some energy, to tap my toe on the ground and have the vibrations spread.
So here's a new season on radiation days. It's not about living with cancer, it's about living afterwards. Or maybe it's just about living. I hope it's as interesting to read as the first season.


  1. Good luck, Lynn. Part one was fantastic. Make sure Part 2 is even better.


  2.'s everywhere, it's everywhere...or not. Just passing by. Need to call...convergence is everywhere...just like radiation. Be of good cheer. It is almost spring. When do you plan to trek out here to warmish California? Part 2 is already better, as you are here to record and participate in it! Hoist one for/from us. Aloha, RBYoshioka

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