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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Simplicity's Reward

Minutes after I posted the picture 'SIMPLICITY', I got this message from the model: 'It is a sweet reminder of times (and body) gone by... '. Now the times gone by are about forty years, so she and I are both looking at a time machine and the pleasure that we each get now is from a post card that we sent ourselves four decades ago. 

I think I feel a moral coming on-especially for my younger friends. Drench yourselves with memories of present beauty, put that stuff in the bank. Make pictures, get painted, make recordings of voices and songs, write by hand on the back of menus, keep baby books for your kids and love notes for your self. Oh yeah, and spread the joy around.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that thought, Lynn. (It's the guy you met who was jogging in State College with the apricot poodle, Toby.) I thought of you and your blog on hearing that a dear friend of mine in Milwaukee has lung cancer and is just beginning the journey you've been blogging about. I can only hope she'll have the perspective you've got, but I know cancer takes different people to different places.

    Read Bachelor's Cat, by the way. Damn clever little, wonderful book. Good on you. My mother in law loved it and wept over it (in the good way).

    Best wishes,